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About Our Company About Us Established in 2008,Hangzhou Lohand Biological Co.,Ltd is a professional company that manufactures and exports laboratory instruments and equipment. About Team We have our own registered brand “Lohand”,with strong R&D center,sales team,customer service team and QC team,which grows very fast and obtains good reputation in the market. About Products Water quality detection meter,Water test paper, Water Test kit,Color comparison

Hot Products

    • Residual Chlorine Electrode

      Residual Chlorine Electrode

      Online residual chlorine electrode consists of cathode and anode,cathode is gold electrode,anode is silver/silver chloride electrode,cathode and anode are immersed in electrolyte chamber filled with electrolyte,through film and measurement environment isolation,film can prevent electrolyte leakage or contaminant infiltration,but hypochlorous acid can pass through the film,the measured hypochlorous acid concentration and the measured current proportional relationship,through pH compensation,to obtain the residual chlorine concentration.

    • Digital Refractometer

      Digital Refractometer

      LH-T55 digital refractometer is a high-precision optical instrument designed with the principle that different liquids have different refractive indices. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient carrying, easy operation, fast detection, and accurate results. A must-have for work. Quickly detect sugar content in fruits, vegetables, freshly squeezed juices, beverages, food processing industries and honey.

    • PH Test Analyzer With Sensor

      PH Test Analyzer With Sensor

      2020 new design water quality test pH test analyzer with pH test sensor by Hangzhou Lohand Biological Technology Co.,Ltd..Including the pH test meter and pH sensor .