3 methods for detecting the pH value of water quality

- Jun 12, 2020-

3 methods for detecting the pH value of water quality

Daily water quality needs to be periodically tested, and for different stages of testing, some details will be different, for example, the pH value of the water quality will be measured every day, in order to understand the acidity and alkalinity of the water quality, and the pH The value is also the most direct reflection of changes in water quality. Although the detection of the pH value of water quality is very simple, but different test equipment is used in daily life, the actual operation method is also different. In addition, everyone should pay attention to the quality of the water quality detection instrument, which will also determine the measurement effect of the pH value. Below we will introduce three methods for detecting water pH, no matter which one you want to use, these methods can help you get accurate parameter results, and these three methods can effectively avoid errors in pH.


1. Measure through water quality ph test paper

ph test strips

This method of using test paper to detect the pH value of water quality is more suitable for individuals or beginners, because the test paper distinguishes the level of PH value by color, which is more intuitive for some people who have no experience in water quality testing, and corresponds to other methods. Easy to understand. However, it should be noted that the pH test paper cannot be confused with the ordinary litmus test paper. Although both of them can detect the acidity and alkalinity of the water quality, the two are essentially different. The degree of reaction of each area of the pH test paper to acid and alkali Not the same. By comparing with the reference standard attached to the kit, you can get a relatively accurate PH value, but litmus test paper will simply react that the water is acidic or alkaline, and cannot provide an accurate value.


2. Use ph water quality test pen

pen type ph meter

If you want to get accurate pH value, you must use some measuring instruments, and the most commonly used for individuals is the test pen. For some friends who are already familiar with water quality sample collection, this is a good choice, it should be The measurement results are more accurate, and the waiting time is shorter than the test paper, but everyone should pay attention to in daily operation, because the price of these water quality test pens is relatively low, so the function is relatively simple, and in the daily environment There are many factors that can affect the pH of water quality, so try to avoid it during operation.


3. Professional water quality testing equipment

water quality testing equipment

The general laboratory or professional water quality test will use a water quality detector when obtaining the pH value. This instrument is divided into desktop and portable. However, the pH value is mostly measured on site, so portable water quality detectors are used most. The advantage of a professional instrument is that it can obtain accurate ph parameters, and this instrument can automatically measure the temperature of the water quality and adjust accordingly according to the difference in atmospheric pressure, but this method is relatively complicated to operate, such as being able to collect water quality correctly Samples, and the position of the electrodes during the test must meet the standards.