Bench Top Conductivity Meter performance characteristics

- Mar 13, 2018-

Microcomputer: The use of high-performance CPU chip, high-precision AD conversion technology and SMT patch technology to complete multi-parameter measurement, temperature compensation, automatic range conversion, high precision and good repeatability.

High reliability: touch buttons, no switch knobs and potentiometers.

Automatically convert measurement frequency: Avoid electrode polarization, improve measurement accuracy.

Phase Sensitive Detector Design: Eliminate the effect of wires on the measurement.

25 °C conversion: temperature compensation automatic measurement / manual input.

Alarm function: alarm signal isolated output, alarm upper and lower limit can be arbitrarily set, the alarm lags back.

Industrial Control Watchdog: Make sure the meter does not crash.

Network function: Isolated current output and RS485 communication interface.

Isolated current output: The upper and lower limits of the output current corresponding to the conductivity value can be set arbitrarily.

Uses flow-through, sunken, flanged, or piped installations.

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