Classification and function of reactor

- Nov 27, 2019-

  A commonly used sample pre-treatment equipment can be divided into semi-automatic reactor and full-automatic reactor according to the degree of automation, and can also be divided into electrothermal reactor and microwave reactor according to the principle. At present, these have mature products and applications widely. Generally speaking, the pollution components contained in environmental samples are complex, and most of the pollution components are very low in content and have different forms. Therefore, before analysis and measurement, sample digestion treatment is often required. The purpose is to destroy organic substances, dissolve solids, and oxidize various valence states of the test elements into a single high valence state or transform it into an easily separated inorganic compound. Digested samples are relatively easy to determine.


  Divided into two types of high temperature and ultra high temperature. According to the professional requirements of the laboratory, we have launched a series of products such as soil reactor, tea reactor, protein reactor, etc., which are widely used in food, biological samples, sewage treatment, soil environmental protection, agricultural products, cosmetics, disease control and other industries. Digestion and acid removal equipment to solve the problem of microwave digestion and acid removal.

  Acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, tailored for the laboratory. Intelligent temperature control digital display, surround heating. Energy saving is fast, temperature is uniform, and parameters such as temperature and time can be set freely. Save time and effort and greatly improve detection efficiency.