Detection principle of hand-held fruit brix meter

- Sep 10, 2020-

Fruit sugar content is not only an important indicator for evaluating fruit edible quality, but also an important indicator for testing fruit maturity. In agricultural research, agricultural production and fruit storage environments, fruit sugar content is one of the important basis for determining picking, transportation and storage. . In different ripening stages of the same fruit, the degree of ripeness is different, so its sugar content is different. Therefore, in the fruit planting stage, using a hand-held fruit brix meter to measure the sugar content of the fruit can help vegetable and fruit growers provide convenience, such as Determine the best picking time; ensure the edible quality of fruits and provide fruit products for consumers; adjust the irrigation and fertilization of the soil through changes in the sugar content of the fruit; distinguish the grade of the fruit, and the hand-held fruit brix meter can also be used for agriculture Effective tools of cooperatives and agricultural research institutions to help improve the quality of fruit cultivation.

 brix refractometer

The hand-held fruit brix meter mainly uses the refraction phenomenon when light enters another medium from one medium, and the ratio of the angle of incidence is always a fixed value, and this ratio is called the refractive index. The content of soluble substances in the sugar solution is directly proportional to the refractive index under ordinary conditions, and the refractive index of the sugar solution can be determined, so that the sugar meter can calculate the sugar concentration.


  Properly judging the maturity of the fruit will allow fruit wholesalers or supermarkets to more accurately grasp the time when the fruit is in and out of the warehouse, and the period of sale. The usual practice is to conduct sampling inspections and select an appropriate number to judge the overall maturity. The simplest method is to use a hand-held brix meter to measure the sugar content of the fruit, and determine the ripening period by the sugar content. The hand-held brix meter adopts the principle of refractometry, which uses the refraction of light from the air into the liquid to determine its sugar content. Strictly speaking, it should be called measuring "soluble solids", but because the content of the juice is sugar , So this measurement result is generally called Brix. The advantage of the hand-digital refractometer is simple and easy to use. As long as the juice is dripped on the prism, the value can be displayed on the brix meter. The index corresponding to the display is the brix value. By using the handheld brix meter to measure the sugar content of the fruit, you can make Fruit wholesalers or supermarkets quickly learn about the ripening period of the fruit.

brix refractometer