Fluorescence dissolved oxygen electrode

- Sep 18, 2020-

Fluorescence dissolved oxygen electrode

do sensor



This sensor is coated with a luminescent material. Green light from an LED is transmitted to the sensor surface. The green light excites the luminescent material. As the material relaxes it emits red light. The time it takes for the red light to be emitted is measured. Between the flashes of blue light, a red LED is flashed on the sensor and used as an internal reference. Increased oxygen in the sample decreases the time it takes for the red light to be emitted. The time measurements correlate to the oxygen concentration.

do sensor


Measuring range



Temp. compensation

Working temp.

Digital interface

0-20.00mg/L  0 to 200 % air saturation

±1% F.S


DS18B20 digital temp sensor





The sensor is used for testing the dissolved oxygen in water, which can monitoring  in many fileds like sewage treatment plant,aquaculture,food/chemical industry/power plant water treatment, the water environmental of river/lake/sea and so on.

do meter