Fruit Brix Tester

- Sep 10, 2020-


LH-T55 With a wide measurement range (0.0 to 55.0% Brix), it is suitable for almost any fruit juice, food and beverage measurement, such as soup, sauce, ketchup, low-sugar jam or jam with skin. It can also be used in certain chemicals or industrial solutions, such as cutting oils (liquids), water-soluble detergents and antifreezes, etc. It can measure the content of various fruits including apples, pears, watermelons, grapes, cantaloupe, citrus, melons, etc. Brix. This instrument can measure more quickly and conveniently, it only takes 3 seconds to complete, and it is of protection level, waterproof and dustproof, and it will not be damaged when immersed in water! Fruit sugar content is an important indicator for testing fruit ripeness. For the same fruit, different sugar values represent different ripeness. In agricultural research, agricultural production and fruit storage environments, fruit sugar content can be used as an important indicator for picking, transportation, and storage. One basis.