How to maintain the water detector pH electrode

- Jan 02, 2018-

In laboratory, researchers will use water quality testing instruments to detect a number of liquids, such as PH, ORP, temperature, etc., but sometimes you may find that some of the original detection time is not as long as the manufacturer said. A lot of people in the face of this situation, the first thought is the quality testing instruments if there is a problem, but sometimes some parts of water quality testing instrument problems, more likely to be detected personnel do not pay attention to use standard, daily maintenance or negligence, such as the most common PH electrode, here we come to understand how to maintenance method of PH electrode water detecting instrument.

We found that there are a lot of customer response, water quality testing instrument, the beginning of the beginning detection instrument when in use, the effect is very good, but the test liquid slowly PH, there will be a response time is too slow, low percentage of theoretical slope and alkali error is too large, in fact, these problems is the precursor to PH electrode is damaged, if we found these problems are not handled in a timely manner, it is easy to cause the complete loss of PH electrode;

How to maintain the PH electrode in the daily use of water quality detector? There may be some water quality inspectors, but we find that most people are not familiar with the maintenance of PH electrodes. For example, we all know that the PH electrode should be cleaned after the water quality detector is used. But many people may not know is that for different pollutants attached to the electrode, take the corresponding cleaning method is not the same, for example, should avoid the glass touch sensitive film or scratches in the cleaning PH glass electrode, PH electrode is used because the glass is soft, any damage will cause PH electrode charge is not stable, so that the numerical determination of PH error;

Also, we must pay attention to the use of water quality detector for alkali, acidic sediments and heavy metal containing liquids. These liquids themselves are harmful to PH electrodes. Therefore, PH electrodes should be cleaned up in time. If a variety of liquids are to be detected at the same time, the special purpose of the PH electrode is guaranteed as much as possible. Avoid detection of mutual interference between liquids.