How to test the sugar content of fruits?

- Aug 26, 2020-

For the same fruit, the sweeter the fruit, the higher the sugar content.

The du sugar content of common fruits: cucumber (1.5%), stone pear (1.68%), tomato (2.1%), watermelon (4.2%), strawberry (5.9%), melon (6.2%), cherry (7.9 %), lemon (8.5%), fresh grape (8.2%), plum (8.8%), pear (9.0%), pineapple (9.3%), peach (10.7%), fresh persimmon (10.8%), apricot (11.3 %), orange (12.2%), apple (12.3%), sugarcane (12.4%), tangerine (12.8%), banana (19.5%), fresh hawthorn (22.1%), crabapple (22.4%), fresh date (23.2 %).

The low-sugar fruits include 2% sugar in tomatoes, 4%-5% sugar in watermelons and melons, grapes, cherries, oranges, oranges, loquats, pears, peaches, plums, pomegranates, lemons, grapefruits, bayberry, apples, etc. Pineapple, etc. all contain sugar within 12%, bananas, longans, lychees, and persimmons contain 14%-16% sugar, sugarcane contains 20%-30% sugar, and candied dates and raisins contain sugar as high as 70%-80%.

LH-T55 digital refractometer is a high-precision optical instrument designed with the principle that different liquids have different refractive indices. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient carrying, easy operation, fast detection, and accurate results. A must-have for work. Quickly detect sugar content in fruits, vegetables, freshly squeezed juices, beverages, food processing industries and honey.

brix refractometer


1. High-definition color LCD screen;

2. Shading cover design, not afraid of strong light, better repeatability stability;

3. Built-in rechargeable battery to avoid frequent replacement;

4. Magnetic charging method, high-end atmosphere;

5, compatible with touch screen, buttons, dual detection function;

6, higher waterproof level, not afraid of water, easy to clean;

brix refractometer


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brix refractometer