How to Test Water Quality

- Jun 06, 2020-

Obtaining a Water Quality Report for Your Area


Contact the local municipality. Local water municipalities are required to test water quality regularly, and to make the results public and available each year. This data is compiled in the form of a “Water Quality Report,” you can test the quality of your water by obtaining a copy of this report. To do this, simply contact your local municipality.



Visit the website for your city. Water Quality Reports will also commonly be available through the website for your town or city. Visit your local website, download a current Water Quality Report, and determine the quality of your water.

outdoor water quality test


Search the National Drinking Water Database. This online database has compiled nearly 20 million records obtained from state water officials. Simply plug in your zip code and you can pull up Water Quality Reports for your area.



Call your village hall. Contacting your village hall can be another method for obtaining a Water Quality Report for your area. This can be a good option is you are not sure how to reach the local municipality. Your village hall can either provide you with the Water Quality Report, or inform you about where you can obtain one.


Contact your water company. Finally, another method for procuring a Water Quality Report in your are is to speak to your water company. A representative from your water company should be able to provide you with a current Water Quality Report, or at the very least, tell you where you can obtain one.