How to judge whether the water quality in the home is good or not?

- Nov 01, 2019-

How to judge whether the water quality in the home is good or not?

Method / Step 1:

Look: use a glass with a high transparency to fill a glass of water, look at the light to see if there are any fine substances suspended in the water; let stand for about three hours, observe whether there is sediment at the bottom of the cup, if any, that the suspended impurities in the water are seriously exceeded. .


Method / Step 2:

Smell: Use a glass to pick up a glass of water as far as possible from the faucet, and then smell it with your nose. Is there any smell of bleach (chlorine)? If you smell a little pungent, it means that the residual chlorine in the tap water is excessive.


Method / Step 3:

View: Use tap water to make tea. After the night, observe whether the tea is black. If the tea is black, it means that the iron and manganese in the tap water are seriously exceeded. The water purifier with iron and manganese filter should be used for terminal treatment.


Method / Step 4:

Product: Tasting the boiled water, the taste is flawless? If it is, the hardness of the water is too high, it should be treated with a water purifier with a softening filter containing ion exchange resin, and the treated mouth will be more hardness


Method / Step 5:

Check: Check the water heater at home, open the kettle, and whether there is a layer of yellow scale on the inner wall. If there is, it also indicates that the hardness of the water is too high (the content of calcium and magnesium is too high). It is worth noting that water with too high hardness can easily cause fouling of the water heater pipe, which is caused by poor heat exchange; and long-term consumption of water with too high hardness is likely to cause various stone diseases.