Online multi-parameter controller pH/ORP/Residual Chlorine/Turbidity

- Sep 11, 2020-


Ten-inch high-definition LCD industrial touch screen display multiple parameters at the same time: ORP、 residual chlorine, pH、 turbidity, temperature

Touchable screen keys, one key switch parameters, graphs, query history data, easy to operate.

Wireless SIM card connection, remote computer monitoring, mobile phone APP real-time query.

Instrument uses high-precision signal acquisition and amplification circuit, extremely high measurement accuracy, good stability.

pH automatic temperature compensation, automatic identification of standard liquid, convenient calibration, accurate test parameters.

Residual chlorine, automatic / manual pH、 temperature compensation, small range sensor detection parameters more accurate.

The turbidity digital electrode, use reset settings and use without calibration.

ORP digital electrode, easy calibration, strong anti-interference and fast response.

Parameter setting according to the screen prompt, the operation man-machine interaction, simple and convenient.

In-machine LCD backlight can be set according to the environment or operation time, more humane.

Three roads relay output control, can automatically alarm or with the dosing pump and other peripherals for automatic water quality control.

Two analog control signal outputs, external control circuit and equipment.

Restore factory settings to avoid data reset after misoperation.

Watchdog setting ensures that the instrument does not crash during use.

IP65 protection grade, waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof to ensure the service life of the instrument.

According to the ISO9001 of this instrument The 2015 quality management system requires production, and before leaving the factory after strict testing and correction, to meet the requirements of the specifications.

Online multi-parameter controller pH/ORP/Residual Chlorine/Turbidity





AC power supply

186-240V 50/60Hz

Analog Control A

0-20mA or 4-20mA

Working condition

Ambient temperature0-60℃,relative humidity<90%RH

Analog Control B

0-20mA or 4-20mA

pH alarm and control

Relay load AC220V 10A

Display resolution


Residual Chlorine alarm and control

Relay load AC220V 10A



ORP measuring range


Temperature measuring range


ORP accuracy


Temperature resolution


ORP resolution


Temperature accuracy


pH measuring range


Turbidity measuring range


pH resolution


Turbidity resolution


pH  accuracy


Turbidity accuracy


pH standard solution


Controller Residual Chlorine range


Hypochlorous acid measuring range


Residual Chlorine sensor measuring range


Hypochlorous acid resolution


Residual Chlorine resolution


Residual Chlorine accuracy

 When the pH value is between 5.0-7.2 and constant, the residual chlorine accuracy ±0.03 mg/L or 3%, whichever is greater(Under constant pH test, pH within the error range of±0.2)         

When the pH value is between 7.2-8.5 and constant, the residual chlorine accuracy ±10%(Under constant pH test, pH within the error range of±0.5)

When the pH value is between 8.5-9, the residual chlorine accuracy ±20%

When the pH is greater than 7.2, it is not suitable to test the low residual chlorine value; When the pH is greater than 9, the test value will be inaccurate

When measurement below 0.10 mg/L, the concentration error can not be calculated by percentage;When DPD  test error, the error is calculated by ±0.03 mg/L.

Residual Chlorine repeatability

0.03 mg/L or 3% whichever is greater