Online refractometer application principle

- Jan 02, 2018-

Because the propagation speed of light is different in different media, the direction of light propagation has changed when light is transferred from one medium to another medium. This phenomenon is called refraction of light. The refraction of light is studied by human beings for a long time, and the law of refraction of light, the basic law of light that is followed by refraction, is summed up.

The on-line refractometer is a kind of critical angle refractometer based on microprocessor driven. It is used to measure the refractive index of the liquid in the process, and is widely used in fault indication or as part of a complete control system. As the latest generation of microprocessor-based driving critical angle process refractometer, EMC E-Scan can be directly installed on process pipelines or containers for measurement and control. The refractive index can be used directly to the refractive index (R.I.) and sugar (Brix), density (SGU), (Percent Solids), the percentage of DS for the unit to read and display line critical angle refractometer, used to test the concentration of liquid products. EMCE-Scan is the latest online concentration meter launched by EMC. Because of the technology of critical angle refraction measurement, it is very suitable for all kinds of chemical liquid products such as concentrated sulfuric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and so on. Because of a variety of installation adapters, EMCE-SCAN is suitable for installation in almost any place. EMCE-Scan is a microprocessor driven critical angle refractometer, because using split design, the instrument CPU and the main circuit board and the optical part of the separation, making the system more resistant to high temperature and vibration test, better stability, more accurate and more effective use of longer life. It can transmit the concentration value to DCS or PLC at the same time of displaying the product concentration value, which is convenient for system integration control. The new critical angle refractometer EMCE-Scan can be directly installed in the pipeline or container, measurement and control of concentration. It can directly show the percentage concentration, the refractive index, the sugar degree or the solid content. Its high reliability and high precision can create value directly for the user's process control. Performance characteristics: 1, the refractive index measurement range: 1.3330--1.5040, sulfuric acid concentration range: 95.00%-100.00%; 2, the highest working temperature: 150 C; 3, signal output: 4--20ma and RS232; 4, sample contact material: artificial sapphire /316 stainless steel; 5, electronic display operation box protection class: NEMA4X; 6, the material of the sensor 316: stainless steel, protection grade: NEMA4X; 7, built in 2 groups of alarm, built-in self diagnosis function; automatic cleaning procedures, 8 prism (hardware optional), keep the display output function; 9, power: 110/220VAC, 50/60HZ; 10, the standard connecting cable: 6 meters (20ft);

Detail specification: measurement accuracy + 0.05% / 0.01% range resolution; 95.00-100.00% (sulfuric acid); 100.00-110.00% (oleums) repeatability and sensitivity were better than the 0.05% response time: 250ms--3min adjustable controller; test probe: < 500ms working temperature of 150 DEG C working pressure 10bar at 120 DEG C when the ambient temperature of 0--50 DEG C microprocessor INTEL386SX, 25MHZ connection cable standard of 6 meters, the 152 meters long optional probe material / 316SS, Sapphire, Teflon, door Viton/NEMA4X, ALLOY20 output signals 4--20MA and 0-10VDC optional: 4--20MA isolation or 0--20MA isolated power supply 110/220VAC, 50/60HZ, 50VA.