PH meter classification

- Feb 23, 2018-

People in accordance with the needs of production and life, scientific research has produced many models of acidity meter:

Press measurement accuracy

Can be divided into 0.2, 0.1, 0.01 or more precision.

Press the instrument volume

Divided into pen (mini), portable, desktop and online continuous monitoring and measurement of online.

According to the requirements of use

Pens (mini) and portable pH pH meter is generally detected by personnel brought to the scene testing.

The pH level of the pH pH meter is determined by the accuracy required for the user's measurement and then the pH meter of various shapes is selected for ease of use by the user.

According to portability, divided into: portable pH meter, desktop pH meter and pen pH meter.

◆ divided by purpose: laboratory pH meter, industrial online pH meter.

◆ According to the advanced level is divided into economic pH meter, intelligent pH meter, precision pH meter or divided into pointer pH meter, digital pH meter.

Pen pH meter, usually made of a single range, narrow measurement range, for the simple and convenient equipment.

Portable and desktop pH meter measuring a wide range of commonly used instruments, the difference is the use of portable DC power supply can be brought to the scene. Laboratory pH meter measurement range, multi-function, high accuracy.

Industrial pH meter is characterized by the requirements of good stability, reliable work, a certain degree of measurement accuracy, environmental adaptability, anti-interference ability, with the analog output, digital communications, the upper and lower limits alarm and control functions.

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