PH meter electrode use

- Feb 26, 2018-

PH meter electrode use:

1.the glass electrode socket should be kept dry and clean, non-contact acid mist, salt spray and other harmful gases, non-stained with aqueous solution, to ensure that the instrument's high input impedance. not measure, should short-circuit the input, so as not to damage the instrument.

3.the new electrode or a long set aside the electrode before use, must be immersed in distilled water for several hours. Asymmetric potential to reduce the electrode to stabilize, reducing the electrode resistance.

4.the measurement, the electrode bulb should be immersed in the test solution.

5.the use should be so that the internal reference electrode immersed in the reference solution, do not let the internal reference solution toward the end of the electrode cap, so that the internal reference is vacant.

6.when used, should unplug the reference electrode electrolyte filling port rubber plug so that the reference electrolyte (salt bridge) by gravity to maintain a certain flow rate penetration and the measured solution connected. Otherwise, the reading will drift.

7.potassium chloride solution should be no bubbles, so as not to disconnect the measurement circuit.

8.potassium chloride salt bridge solution should always be added to keep the liquid level higher than silver / silver chloride.

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