Sewage is the waste water produced in normal production and life

- Jul 03, 2020-

Sewage testing project:

1. Chemical Oxygen Demand

High chemical oxygen demand means that the water contains a lot of reducing substances, mainly organic pollutants. The higher the chemical oxygen demand, the more serious the pollution of organic matter in the river water

Chemical Oxygen Demand

2. Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Aerobic microorganisms in the water body decompose organic matter in water into inorganic matter at a certain temperature. The amount of dissolved oxygen required in the oxidation process in this specific time is a comprehensive indicator of the content of aerobic pollutants such as organic matter in water.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand

3. Suspended matter

Solid matter suspended in water, including inorganic matter, organic matter, mud and sand, clay, microorganism, etc. which are insoluble in water. The content of suspended solids in water is one of the indicators to measure the degree of water pollution.

4. Total bacteria

Refers to the total number of bacterial colonies grown in ml water samples in nutrient agar medium after 24 hours of cultivation at 37 degrees Celsius

5. Total Phosphorus

After the digestion of the water sample, various forms of phosphorus are converted into orthophosphate, and the result is measured in mg of phosphorus per liter of water sample.

Total Phosphorus

6. Coliform

Refers to a group of bacteria with certain characteristics related to fecal contamination. These bacteria are not completely consistent in biochemistry and serology. They are defined as: aerobic and facultative anaerobic, which can decompose lactose to produce acid at 37℃. Inflammable Gram-negative Bacillus.

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