Specific reasons for turbidity parameters of water quality detector

- Aug 27, 2020-

Why is turbidity measurement?

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Generally, the turbidity parameters obtained by the water quality detector can be used to evaluate the water quality or the efficiency of the water filtration process. Turbidity measurement is an important indicator of many industries and applications. It not only directly affects the output of industrial production but also detects institutional factors caused by it.


What factors can affect the measurement of turbidity?

The process of water quality detector to detect turbidity is to determine the scattered light rate of suspended particles in the liquid medium. The scattering depends on the concentration of the particles and the astigmatism effect of the particles.

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Second, the shape and size of the particles: the particles are smaller than 1/10 of the visible light of the wavelength, and the scattered light is symmetrical. Larger particles (usually larger than the wavelength of visible light) have asymmetric light scattering, so when measuring turbidity, the angle of scattering must be considered.


There is also the wavelength of light: As mentioned above, the intensity of scattered light depends on the size of the particles. And whether the color of the liquid will reduce the amount of light, which will also affect the turbidity parameters.

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As a result of the above three points, when we carry out the turbidity measurement method, we can refer to a detection range. For example, many breweries need to detect yeast particles in the light yellow water. Therefore, the angle and light source absorption must be considered when testing.


Although when detecting turbidity, some light-absorbing substances or some fluorescence in the water will have an impact. But this kind of interference can be minimized by other light wavelengths than visible light (such as <860 nm near infrared) during operation.

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Air bubbles will also interfere with the turbidity measurement during operation. In this case, we can choose an installation point to reduce the interference of air bubbles.


We must pay attention to these issues when using water quality detectors to detect turbidity to ensure the accuracy of turbidity parameters.

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