Swimming pool online monitoring solution

- Aug 17, 2020-

1. Current status of swimming pool:

At present, swimming pools mainly use chlorine-containing disinfectants, but the content of free residual chlorine in the pool water is too high, which will cause skin itching, conjunctivitis and other symptoms; if it is too low, it will not be able to disinfect. On the other hand, if the swimming pool water is not effectively circulated and purified, the swimming pool water replenishment amount and frequency are not enough, and the pool water is not renewed enough, it will cause the urea to exceed the standard. Traditional manual timing monitoring cannot monitor the water quality changes in swimming places in real time. Water quality monitoring has certain time and space limitations, making it impossible to achieve scientific control. Moreover, with the introduction of relevant regulatory rules by the national government at all levels, real-time monitoring of water quality is required, and the data is transparent and open. Establishing an online monitoring system for water quality in swimming places is not only a way to transform traditional supervision, but also the only way to comply with supervision policies in the future.

online water test

2. Disadvantages of traditional water quality testing methods:

Traditional water quality detection is performed by manual and fixed-point detectors, which cannot monitor water quality in real time. The labor cost is high, the data is inconsistent, the detection and sampling of water quality are not real-time, and the risk warning is delayed. The results of water quality supervision and testing cannot be uploaded to the environmental protection supervision platforms at all levels in time, and fail to meet the relevant supervision requirements issued by government departments at all levels. Water quality adjustment requires manual dosing and cannot be controlled precisely and scientifically. Water quality adjustment is based on experience, unfounded and unscientific.


3. Solution:

The smart swimming pool water quality real-time monitoring program can realize real-time display of residual chlorine, turbidity, ORP, temperature and pH fluctuations in the water, and automatically add chemicals to adjust the water quality through data analysis, so that the water quality has been maintained in a good state. The plan is mainly composed of three levels: "water quality online cloud platform", "water quality data communication network layer", and "water quality data collection layer". The system has the characteristics of high precision and fast response. Sensors, acquisition devices, GPRS wireless data transmission equipment, service software and other components have solved the current monitoring difficulties such as the difficulty of real-time monitoring of water quality in swimming pools and the difficulty of early warning of water quality parameter changes. The "Internet + online monitoring" sanitation supervision model not only facilitates the work of swimming place managers, but also ensures that sanitation supervisors maintain the swimming pool water quality in a timely and effective manner.

online water test 

4. Features:

①Data is transparent and open, which is conducive to management and operation and meets environmental protection requirements

②Apply to the latest swimming pool water quality testing standards

③Real-time monitoring, real-time water quality data collection and monitoring, visualized data, and timely detection of abnormal situations

④Intelligent management and control, digital supervision, reducing on-site inquiries by dedicated personnel, greatly reducing labor costs, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, combined with monitoring data for calculation, and realizing frequency conversion dosing to avoid excessive dosing.