Turbidimeter types

- Feb 16, 2018-

Turbidimeter types

Scattered light, light transmission and transmission scattered light type, commonly known as optical turbidimeter, as well as online turbidity analyzer.

Online turbidity analyzer

On-line turbidity analyzer built-in microprocessor, advanced configuration, powerful, is a very sophisticated turbidity meter based on 880nm infrared light source through the optical lens and penetrate the sample solution, according to ISO7027 standard measured 90 ° scattered light Principle, the turbidity analyzer can be used to measure the turbidity of raw or purified water on various filtration devices, such as drinking water, various types of production and industrial water, and any place where qualified water is required. Compact product structure, built-in backlight LCD, data memory, relay control output (3). Turbidity controller output 4 ~ 20mA isolation signal, for any need to monitor and control the turbidity of the place to transmit reliable data.

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