Two types of conductivity meter electrodes:

- Apr 25, 2018-

Conductivity meter electrodes are generally divided into two types of electrodes and multiple electrodes.

The electrode of the two-electrode type conductivity meter is the most commonly used conductivity electrode type in the country. The structure of the electrode type conductivity meter electrode is to sinter two platinum sheets on two parallel glass sheets, or on the inner wall of a round glass tube, and adjust the platinum sheet. The area and distance can be made into conductivity meter electrodes with different constant values. There are usually K = 1, K = 5, K = 10 and other types. The two-electrode conductivity electrode used on the on-line conductivity meter is often made into a cylindrically symmetrical electrode. When K=1, graphite is often used. When K=0.1, 0.01, the material may be stainless steel or titanium alloy. The multi-electrode type conductivity electrode generally has several ring-shaped electrodes on a support body, and different constant conductivity electrodes can be made by different combinations of series electrodes and parallel electrodes of the ring electrodes. The material of the ring electrode may be graphite, stainless steel, titanium alloy, and platinum.

The conductivity electrode also has a four-electrode type and an electromagnetic type. The advantage of the electrode with four-electrode conductivity meter is that it can avoid the measurement error caused by the polarization of the electrode. It is widely used in foreign experimental and on-line conductivity meters. Electromagnetic conductivity electrode is characterized by being suitable for measuring high-conductivity solution, generally used in industrial conductivity meter, or using its measurement principle to make single-component concentration meter, such as hydrochloric acid concentration meter, nitric acid concentration meter, etc.

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