Water Quality Tester-Detailed Explanation of Water Quality Index

- Jul 02, 2020-

Water Quality Tester-Detailed Explanation of Water Quality Index

Explanation of 3 indicators of water quality standards prescribed by the state:

1. Chroma

Natural water often shows a variety of colors, and the color of water usually comes from the plant kingdom. The pollution of industrial waste water can make the water body produce a variety of colors. The chromaticity of surface water varies greatly, and it is related to the turbulence and vegetation of the catchment. Aqua color can be divided into true color and appearance color. The color presented after the suspended substances in the water are completely removed is called the true color, which is mainly due to the saprophytic value and aquatic organisms dissolved in the water.

Water Quality Tester-Detailed Explanation of Water Quality Index

2. Turbidity

The turbidity of water refers to the degree of obstruction of suspended matter and colloidal impurities in the water when light passes through. It is related to the impurity content in water, particle size, shape and surface reflectivity. The method of measuring turbidity is relatively simple, and is generally used to indirectly reflect the amount of suspended and colloidal impurities in water. The degree of turbidity when 1 mg of white clay (or kaolin) is contained in 1 liter of water is called 1 degree or 1 mg/liter.

water turbidity test meter

3. Smell and taste

Clean water is odorless and tasteless, and polluted water will produce odor and taste. Some plankton, organic matter, dissolved gas, minerals, industrial wastewater pollution, chlorination, water temperature, dissolved oxygen content in the algae, etc. will make the water smell and smell. The lower the water temperature, the more muddy the river water, often muddy soil smell, astringent; more dissolved oxygen, slightly sweeter; blue-green algae protozoa will emit grassy smell.

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