What are the characteristics of water quality tester

- Jan 24, 2018-

What are the characteristics of water quality tester:

Reference to the latest national standard detection methods, using the latest software and hardware technology to achieve the luminosity method, electrode method (independent testing) and titration (automatic calculation) integration;

Colorimetric system, digestion system, protective cover integrated design, built-in 9-hole digestion system, digestion hole with insulation layer to effectively ensure the digestion temperature, the instrument built-in air-cooled device, digestion is completed to improve the cooling rate, to ensure the accuracy of detection.

The digestion system adopts the micro-reflux rapid digestion method, the closed digestion prevents the volatilization of the organic matter and the sample escapes. The integrated transparent protective cover ensures the safety of the digestion process and facilitates the real-time monitoring of the digestion process.

The use of cold light source with a service life of up to 100,000 hours, without cooling system, excellent stability;

Independent multi-channel optical system, each channel independent control, mutual non-interference, effectively eliminate mechanical errors and improve detection accuracy;

Solid-state detection system, no moving parts, seismic, moisture resistance and strong;

The sample chamber is a square colorimetric cell, which avoids the error caused by the uneven tube wall of the circular colorimetric tube. The measurement accuracy is higher. The cuvette also applies a variety of standard cuvettes to meet the needs of various parameter detection.

Built-in spectrophotometry working curve, titration calculation procedures, without the need to configure the standard solution can be directly and quickly detect water samples;

Support for blank calibration and standard sample multi-point calibration function, can automatically curve fit, without manual calculation, user-friendly to expand the test items or modify the test results system differences, the fitting curve can be automatically saved and support power-down reservations;

Large screen Chinese menu display (7 inch TFT color touch screen), reading mode with absorbance value (A), light transmittance (T), concentration (C);

The use of special test kit for water samples, greatly reducing the reagent preparation time, higher detection efficiency, easier operation;

Support a key storage, project name and reading information can be stored in real-time test data, each data corresponds to the only test date and time for easy inquiries; can remember data 50000 group, and statistical analysis of the data.

With 230 curve space, support for manual modification, support for automatic correction or fitting, user-friendly to expand the test items;

Supports one-touch printing, built-in printer, real-time printing test data can also query and print historical data;

With data interface, randomly presented professional online software, you can enter the sample name, test items, testing agencies and other information to support the export TXT or EXCEL format data report, through the external printing system to achieve the report print;

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