What is a digital refractometer?

- May 03, 2018-

A refractometer is an instrument that uses light to measure the concentration of a liquid and is used to determine the refractive index, birefringence, and lightness. The refractive index is one of the important physical constants of a substance. Many pure substances have a certain refractive index. If the substance contains impurities, the refractive index will change, and deviations will occur. The more impurities, the greater the deviation.

The Refractometer (RA-620/RA-600) is a liquid refractometer designed for easy operation and space saving. A total of high-precision RA-620 and wide-range RA-600 models are available. The RA-620 achieves the highest level of accuracy in the world with an accuracy of ±0.00002. The RA-600 has a wide measurement range of 1.3200-1.7000. The appearance is half that of the previous model (RA-520N/RA-500N), and the floor area is the size of A4 paper. 20W of power consumption is half of the previous model.

As regards the functions, the use of color liquid crystal displays and touch panels, USB and LAN as standard interfaces, to deal with various expansion devices. Japan's Kyoto Electron Industry Co., Ltd. (KEM) is Japan's only national standard approved refractive index standard liquid manufacturer. The digital refractive index meter (RA-620/RA-600) can be inspected using the refractive index standard, giving users high-accuracy, high-confidence analysis results.

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