What is a digital refractometer

- Jul 07, 2020-

Digital refractometer (RA-620/RA-600) is a liquid refractometer designed to be easy to operate and save space. There are two types of high-precision type RA-620 and wide-range type RA-600. RA-620 achieves the highest level of high precision in the world with an accuracy of ±0.00002. RA-600 has a wide measurement range of 1.3200-1.7000. The appearance is half of the previous model (RA-520N/RA-500N), and the floor space is the size of A4 paper. The power consumption of 20W is half of the previous model.

In terms of functions, color LCDs and touch panels are used, and USB and LAN are standard interfaces to cope with various expansion devices. Kyoto Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. (KEM) is the only manufacturer of refractive index standard liquid approved by Japan's national standards. The digital refractometer (RA-620/RA-600) can be checked using a standard refractive index solution to provide users with high-precision and high-confidence analysis results.

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