What is a turbidimeter?

- Feb 16, 2018-

Turbidimeter is based on turbid liquid light scattering or transmission of light made of the principle of measuring turbidity of the special equipment, generally used for continuous automatic determination of water turbidity.

Turbidimeter is to measure the turbidity of water device. A scattered light type, light transmission and transmission scattered light type, collectively referred to as optical turbidimeter. The principle is that when light is irradiated onto the liquid surface, there is a certain correlation between the incident light intensity, transmitted light intensity, the ratio of the scattered light intensity to each other and the water sample turbidity. By measuring the transmitted light intensity, scattered light intensity and Incident light intensity or the ratio of transmitted light intensity and scattered light intensity to determine the turbidity of water samples. Optical turbidimeter for the laboratory, but also for automatic continuous determination of the scene.

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