What is TDS Meter

- Mar 21, 2018-

The TDS Meter is capable of measuring total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature. This instrument can provide three ranges, and has an autoranging function to select the most suitable range for testing.

The detection of total soluble solids is important for many applications, especially industrial and swimming pool waters. The TDS concentration has a significant proportional relationship with the conductivity. Therefore, the TDS detection is usually performed using an instrument for measuring the conductivity, and the results are converted to TDS when the results are displayed.

A TDS probe is provided with the instrument to meet the requirements for laboratory use, and a portable soft pack is also provided for on-site operation and use.

The instrument can be calibrated individually within each range. If a range is not calibrated, the instrument automatically selects a calibrated range that is closest to it for measurement. The instrument can be calibrated using the BEHRINGER TDS standard.

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