What is the characteristic of digital refractometer?

- May 10, 2018-

Digital Refractometer Features:

1. Digital refractometer with touch-type LCD screen, showing the refractive index, sugar content, concentration.

2. Built-in automatic temperature control, lightweight, easy operation, fast measurement.

3. The use of LED light source does not require replacement of the light bulb and the measuring prism is sapphire-resistant.

4. The automatic refractometer complies with the GLP specifications and stores results, inspections, and calibration records.

5. The refractometer can input the refractive index and temperature contrast table to automatically compensate the refractive index of the sample.

6. The refractometer can input the refractive index and concentration contrast table and automatically convert the concentration of the sample.

7. With anti-volatization cover, it can prevent the volatile sample from affecting the detection.

8. External digital densitometer and autosampler can be connected to measure density and refractive index at the same time.

9. Chinese interface, simple test methods, high precision results and high performance.

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