What is the Electrical Conductivity Probe?

- Jan 30, 2018-

Electrical Conductivity Probes are components or accessories of a conductivity meter that measures the conductivity of water. Conductivity, the concept of physics, can also be called conductivity. The amount of this amount in the medium and the electric field strength E equals the conduction current density J. For an isotropic medium,    the electrical conductivity is a scalar; for an anisotropic medium, the electrical conductivity is a tensor. In ecology, conductivity is the ability of a solution in digital representation to conduct electricity. Unit to Siemens per meter (S / m) said.

In general, the current in this DC circuit is proportional to the conductance when the voltage is held constant. If the conductance is doubled, the current is also doubled; if the conductance is reduced to 1/10 of its initial value, the current also becomes 1/10. This rule also applies to many low frequency AC systems, such as home circuits. In some AC circuits, especially in high-frequency circuits, the situation becomes very complicated as the components in these systems store and release energy.

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