Why is human health inseparable from the water quality tester?

- Jul 16, 2020-

Do not eat Chinese medicine, do not eat Western medicine, eat pesticides every day! Studies have shown that 80% of antibiotics enter the animal body through various routes and are eventually eaten by humans, leading to a variety of diseases. Recent statistics from the World Health Organization show that consumers worldwide are generally facing hidden dangers of pesticide poisoning. Do not eat Chinese medicine or Western medicine, but can not avoid eating pesticides every day, so health is inseparable from water quality tester

water quality tester

60% of children's urine contains antibiotics

In 2013, China used 162,000 tons of antibiotics per year in 2013, accounting for about half of global consumption. The research report shows that in children with more than 1,000 samples, at least 58% of children have detected one antibiotic in their urine, more than two kinds of antibiotics have been detected in one-quarter of children’s urine, and even some urine samples Six antibiotics were detected. What are the hazards of pesticide residues in food

1. Disturb the digestive function of the human body, long-term consumption of food with pesticide residues will interfere with our digestive system functions, mainly manifested as abdominal pain, diarrhea and dry stool. Therefore, be careful when eating food.

2. Increase the burden on the liver, the residual pesticides enter the body, mainly rely on the liver to make enzymes for decomposition, long-term consumption of fruits and vegetables with residual pesticides, the liver will continue to work to break down these toxins. Long-term overload work will cause liver disease.

3. Residual pesticides make mothers who want children unable to conceive babies. According to statistics, every eight couples in my country currently have one infertility, which is an increase of 3% over 20 years ago. When medical scientists conducted research on this number, they found that the average number of sperm in men in my country is only more than 20 million, compared with more than 60 million in the 1940s. Residual pesticides are one of the main causes of infertility of more than 10%. The famous scientist Zhong Nanshan screamed: If this continues, the residual pesticides will not be controlled, and the Chinese will not have children in 50 years!

 4. Interfere with endocrine, because some of the pesticide molecules are very similar to the human female hormones, so that the hormone balance of the human body is disordered. These things can affect our behavior, the development of the brain and reproductive organs, and can cause cancer.

water quality tester5. Cause gastrointestinal diseases, because the stomach wall of the digestive system of the gastrointestinal tract has more folds, and it is easy to store poisons, so that residual pesticides are likely to accumulate in it, causing symptoms such as abdominal pain and chronic diarrhea.

6. May cause cancer, because the chemical substances often contained in residual pesticides can promote the canceration of cells in various tissues.

7. It is easy to cause fetal visceral hypoplasia or deformity. The toxic substances in the residual pesticide will be absorbed by the fetus through the placenta or breast milk in the pregnant woman, resulting in some visceral organs of the fetus being underdeveloped or deformed. Some children with birth defects are in the womb Poisoning is the cause of increased disease in children. When feeding children, be sure to eat with caution.

8. Long-term consumption of vegetables and fruits with residual pesticides. After the pesticides are absorbed by the blood, it will directly damage neurons, cause the death of the central nervous system, and reduce the immunity of various organs of the body.

9. Residual pesticides can cause miscarriage, stillbirth or malformation of the pregnant mother. The residual pesticide has caused abortion, stillbirth and fetal malformation in pregnant women has also been recognized worldwide. A large number of statistical data show that women exposed to pesticides during pregnancy have a significantly increased incidence of miscarriage, premature delivery, stillbirth and congenital malformations. Pesticides can cause structural or functional abnormalities such as congenital malformations and congenital stupid types. In severe cases, the fetal development can be completely stopped, and miscarriage, premature delivery or stillbirth can occur.

10. Pesticide pollution can cause a decline in male fertility, and can also cause cancer and other internal organ damage. Because children are in the growth and development period, rapidly growing cells are more susceptible to cancer-causing pesticides than adult still cells. Water pollution will seriously affect human health. In order to maintain health, please choose a suitable water quality tester.

water quality tester