Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube

Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube

Instructions: 1 Pull out the filament of tube's tip. 2. Evict the air in the tube 3. Insert the liquid which is detected, stop inhaling water when it is half around 4. Rock 5 to 6 times slightly, after the specified time(pls rock 1 to 2 times in the halfway).compare with the standard colorimetric card.
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Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube
Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube



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Ammonia nitrogen test tube


Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube

1. Convenient-small size and light weight , the test can be conducted without any other laboratory equipment and skilled people:
2. Fast-only need 3-5minutes to test one sample no need extra material or instrument easy to operate;
3. Precise-all test parameters are according to international standards
4. Portable -PE plastic tube , small size , light weight;
5. Sealed by aluminum foll , long shelf life , 18 month under normal temperature.

Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube

Ammonia nitrogen means nitrogen present in the form of free ammonia(NH3)and ammonium ions(NH4)in water. The nitrogen content of animal organic compounds is generally higher than that of vegetable organic compounds. At the same time, nitrogen-containing organic matter in human and animal feces is very unstable and easily decomposed into ammonia. Therefore, when the content of ammonia nitrogen in water increases, it refers to the nitride in the form of ammonia or ammonium ions.

Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube Our company:Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube

Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube

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Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube

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Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube

Hotsale Ammonia Nitrogen Test Tube 

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