Total Nitrogen Test Tube

Total Nitrogen Test Tube

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Total Nitrogen Test TubeTotal Nitrogen Test Tube



Measuring range


total nitrogen test tube


Total Nitrogen Test Tube


It is used in the field of electroplating wastewater,textile printing wastewater,laboratory detection,aquiculture and so on.

Total Nitrogen Test Tube


1. Convenient - small size and light weight,the test can be conducted without any other laboratory equipment and skilled people;

2. Fast-all test parameters are according to international standards;

3. Precise-all test parameters are according to international standards;

4. Portable- PE plastic tube,small size,light weight

5. Sealed by aluminum foil,long shelf life,18 month under normal temperature.


Total Nitrogen Test Tube 


1.  Add 0.3ml tested liquid.

2.  Add 1.5ml K-1 reagent.

3.  Add k-2 reagent.

4.  Cover with the lid then shake about 30seconds.

5.  Take off the lid then standing for 15mins.

6.  Pull out the filament of tube’s tip.

7.  Evict the air in the tube.

8.  Insert the liquid which is detected, inhaling the total water.

9.  Rock about 10 times slightly,after the 8mins compare with the standard colorimetric card.

Total Nitrogen Test Tube

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