Aquaculture Water Test Kit

Aquaculture water quality testing program
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aquaculture water test kit

aquaculture water test kit

aquaculture water test kit

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pond water test kit

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aquaculture water test kit

The main chemical indicators monitored in the aquaculture industry mainly refer to the measurement of dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, total alkalinity, and total hardness in water bodies.

Dissolved oxygen (LDO) refers to molecular oxygen dissolved in air in water. The content of dissolved oxygen in water is closely related to the oxygen partial pressure in air and the temperature of water. Under natural circumstances, the oxygen content in the air does not change much, so the water temperature is the main factor. The lower the water temperature, the higher the dissolved oxygen content in the water. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is an indicator to measure the self-purification ability of the water body, and also an important indicator to measure whether the cultured water body is suitable for the growth of aquatic animals. Dissolved oxygen and food intake: Dissolved oxygen is above 5mg / L, fish eat normally; Dissolved oxygen is reduced to 4mg / L, fish intake is reduced by 13%; Dissolved oxygen is reduced to 2mg / L, fish intake is reduced 54%, growth stagnation, floating head phenomenon began; dissolved oxygen decreased to 1mg / L, fish and shrimp basically did not eat, and floated out of the water, forming a floating head phenomenon; dissolved oxygen decreased to 0.5mg / L, fish and shrimp They will all suffocate and die in a few hours.

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