Aquarium Test Kit

Aquarium Test Kit

Aquarium Test Kit Feature: Simple and easy-using visual colorimetry or titrimetry method,users can complete the test independently without specialized training; Fast and efficient - several minutes is enoough to complete the analysis of one water sample.No need any other instrument for test; Accurate and reliable- the test method derives from the international standard,the result can be recognized worldwidely; Smart and portable-small size,light weight. Widely used in food,beverage,scientific,agricultural,enviromental,monitor and all other related areas.
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Product name: aquarium(Free chlorine) test kit  

Aquarium Test Kit

Item name


Measuring range

Test method

No. of Tests

Shelf life

Aquarium test kit

Free chlorine

0.05-1 mg/L

DPD method


2 year

Aquarium Test Kit How to use colorimetric chart:


Fill the tube with testing liquid to a certain level specified in the instructions;

2.Adding reagent

Add one pack of reagent,then close the lid and sway the tube to make the reagent dissolved thoroughly.

3.Compare the liquid color against the colorimetric chart.

A:Lay the colorimetric chart flat under the adequate light;

B: Put the tube above the colorimetric chart vertically;

C:Compare the color of testing liquid with the color on the colorimetric chart,find out the same color and get the concentration.

比色 (2)



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