Aquiculture Water Test Kit For Ammonia Nitrogen

Aquiculture Water Test Kit can test these items:pH,ammonia,nitrite,sulfide,dissolved oxygen,each one with 50 tests.
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aquiculture water test kit for Ammonia nitrogen

aquiculture water test kit for Ammonia nitrogen

aquiculture water test kit for Ammonia nitrogen

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pond water test kit

Aquiculture set




1 year

aquiculture water test kit for Ammonia nitrogen

Ammonia nitrogen, the normal water quality of aquaculture water is less than 0.2 mg / L. Ammonia nitrogen is mainly due to biological respiration and nitrogen source organic matter (such as bait, aquatic animal excrement, excessive fertilization, plankton corpses, etc.) under the action of microorganisms. product. Molecular ammonia is relatively toxic, while ionic ammonium is non-toxic. The ratio between the two depends on the pH value and temperature of the water. Under high pH and high temperature conditions, the molecular ammonia ratio is higher.

The symptoms caused by ammonia poisoning in fish and shrimp are different. If acute poisoning may cause shortness of breath, floating head pond, and will die quickly; if chronic poisoning, the following abnormal phenomena may occur:

May interfere with the osmotic pressure regulation system of fish and shrimp.

It is easy to destroy the mucous membrane of fish and shrimp gills.

It will reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of blood protein, which is manifested as anorexia, sideways, slow swimming, and in serious cases, swimming pools and floating heads.

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