Aquiculture Water Test Kit For Nitrite

Aquaculture water quality testing with pH,ammonia,nitrite,sulfide,dissolved oxygen,each for 50 tests.
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aquiculture water test kit for nitrite

aquiculture water test kit for nitrite

aquiculture water test kit for nitrite

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pond water test kit

Aquiculture set




1 year

aquiculture water test kit for nitrite

Nitrite, aquaculture water requires nitrite <0.01 mg / L. Nitrite is an intermediate product of the conversion process of ammonia nitrogen to nitrate. Under anoxic conditions, it is difficult to convert nitrite to nitrate. Therefore, the accumulation of nitrite is mostly due to the low dissolved oxygen in the pond. Nitrite is highly toxic to farmed animals, and is the main factor that induces explosive diseases in farmed waters. When nitrite is poisoned in aquatic animals, it will oxidize its blood protein to form high-valent ferritin, resulting in dark blood color, which seriously affects its oxygen carrying capacity. Fish and shrimp nitrite poisoning will cause slow swimming, sideways, anorexia, swimming ponds, floating heads and other phenomena. The shrimp tail, feet and tentacles are prone to redness symptoms.

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