Aquiculture Water Test Kit For Sulfide

Aquaculture water quality testing program
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aquiculture water test kit for sulfide

aquiculture water test kits

aquiculture water test kit for sulfide

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pond water test kit

Aquiculture set




1 year

aquiculture water test kit for sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide, aquaculture water requires hydrogen sulfide <0.2 mg / L.

Under anoxic conditions, it is produced by anaerobic decomposition of sulfur-containing organic matter in the bait or feces. Hydrogen sulfide can combine with the metal salts in the sediment to cause sulfide, which makes the sediment black. Whether the pond hydrogen sulfide exceeds the standard, the simple judgment standard lies in whether there is smell of rotten eggs in the lee of the pond. Hydrogen sulfide is highly toxic and strongly irritating. It can corrode and paralyze the gill tissues of aquatic animals and affect the respiration of aquatic animals. Shrimp hydrogen sulfide poisoning manifests as anorexia, restlessness, and swimming in the surface of the water.

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