Water Test Kits

Feature: 1. Simple and easy - using visual colorimetry or titrimetry method, users can complete the test independently without specialized training. 2. Fast and efficient - several minutes is enough to complete the analysis of one water sample. No need any other instrument for test. 3. Accurate and reliable - the test method derives from the international standard, the resuit can be recognized world widely. 4. Smart and portable - small size, light weight.Widely used in food, beverage, scientific, agricultural, environmental, monitor and all other related areas.
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water test kits

water test kits

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Free chlorine  test kit


0.05-1 mg/L

DPD method


2 year

water test kits

How to use colorimetric chart
Fill the tube with testing liquid to a certain level specified in the instructions;
2 Adding reagent
Add one pack of reagent(or two different reagent according to the instructions),then close the lid and sway the tube to make the reagent dissolved thoroughly.
3.Compare the liquid color against the colorimetric chart
A.Lay the colorimetric chart flat under the adequate light
B.Put the tube above the colorimetric chart vertically
C.Compare the color of testing liquid with the color on the colorimetric chart,find out the same color and get the concentation.

water test kits

Notes on rapid water quality detection:

1. The liquid to be tested is colorless or light, and the colored liquid needs to be decolorized to detect (can be adsorbed with activated carbon). The liquid to be tested should be left for a period of time to take the clear part for testing.

2.The pH of the liquid to be measured should be within the specified value, and those exceeding the range should be adjusted in advance

3. The colorimetry must be completed within the specified time, and the detection result beyond the specified time is invalid.

4. The concentration of the solution to be tested should be diluted and tested after exceeding the range of the test paper. Diluted water and purified water can be used for the dilution.

5. When removing the test strip, do not touch the reaction area at the front end of the strip with your fingers, so as not to contaminate the test strip and affect the detection.

6. Keep it in a cool and dry place. After removing the required test paper, close the bottle cap in time to prevent the test paper from being oxidized when exposed to air for a long time.

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