PH Water Test Strips

PH Water Test Strips

PH Test Strip, Human Body pH Tester, pH Test Strips manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Human Body Tester/ pH Water Test Strips,Aquarium Test Strips
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Product Details

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: LH-3102

  • Test range:4.5-5-5.5-6-6.5-7-7.5-8-8.5-9-9.5-10

  • Test range can be custimized ;

  • OEM is available based on 300boxes above.

  • Material: Paper Strip

  • Trademark: LOHAND

  • Origin: China

  • Scale: 0.5

  • Function: 2 color 

  • Package: 100strips/box            25boxes /Carton

Product Description

1)Understanding pH
pH is short for potential of hydrogen. It measures the acidity of a fluid on a scale on 0 to 14, with 0 being most acidic. A neutral pH will land right in the middle with a pH of 7 while any pH levels above 7 are known as alkaline, or basic.
Water is the most common fluid in the human body, making up 70% of more of your entire body mass. The pH levels in your body are measure by the ratio of positively charged ions (acid ions) and negatively charged ions (alkaline ions). Your body is designed to continuously balance pH levels to keep all the systems that run your body functioning properly. When pH levels are allowed to go out of balance, these systems may cease to function.

2)pH Testing Strips

To determine if you have a pH imbalance, you can use pH testing strips to measure the pH levels of your bodily fluids. Using pH testing strips allows you to test your pH from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

A)Urine Test:
Testing urine is one of the best ways you can measure how well your body has been eliminating acids and assimilating minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. These minerals are used as buffers in your body and can help maintain pH balance, even when high levels of acidity are introduced in your body.
Your urinary pH will move around between 6.0-6.5 in the morning to 6.5-7 later in the day. Testing your urine with urine test strips can help you determine if your body is able to balance pH properly of if you are in need of assistance.
It's recommended that you test your pH one hour before a meal or two hours after. This will give you the most conclusive results as your pH can fluctuate dramatically after eating. Testing your urine only takes a minute and can conclusively determine whether or not you have a pH imbalance in your body.

If the pH levels in your urine are regularly below 6.5 it can be a good indicator that your body is overwhelmed with acid and entering a state of autotoxication. It's important to seek medical advice if you should find yourself suffering from this condition.

B)Saliva Test:
Testing the pH levels in your saliva can go a long way in determining the activity level of certain enzymes in the body, such as digestive enzymes. These digestive enzymes are created mainly in your stomach, pancreas and liver.
Saliva also utilizes minerals to buffer pH levels, though they are typically used much less than in urine. If your saliva has pH levels below 6.5 it's likely your body is producing excess acid or is overwhelmed by the amount of acids being consumed.

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