Quaternary Ammonium Salts Test Paper

Quaternary Ammonium Salts Test Paper

Quaternary ammonium salts test strips LH1039 feature:simple operation;efficient;measuring results are reliable;unique aluminum tube packing in China,plating antioxidation film,which can extend shelf life greatly(this is optional);small volume,light weight,easy to carry.
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quaternary ammonium salts test paper



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1.Quaternary Ammonium test 

The best way to use quaternary ammonium as a routine sanitizer is to really understand what is needed in terms of strength. This is why using our Quats Test Strips is the key to really doing it the right way. "Quats" are active against a wide variety of microorganisms. Unlike bleach, "quats" are odorless and colorless. And, also unlike bleach, they are are non-corrosive, so they will be safer to use over time with metal equipment and surfaces. Their antimicrobial action is varied and selective, but they are generally as effective as bleach/chlorine solutions. The most common "quat" is benzalkonium chloride. It is commonly used in water dilution to create a highly effective sanitizing solution. The standard for "quat" mixing is 200 PPM. There are over 40 suppliers that provide "quat" sanitizing concentrates. Each one needs testing to be sure that appropriate concentration has been achieved.

2.Can I add my logo on your product?

Yes, you need to send us your artwork in high resolution, we will design a visual for your confirm.

3.If we also want to buy a small amount (test order) of your products,could you provide that? For example 50 sets?And how about the labels, can you send us plant labels in smaller amount,to see if it will sell and test the product?

Yes,it could be fine for an initial trial order, but the goods shall have to be produced together with other customer’s orders by using our current package.And the price with small trial order will be higher.

4.What services can we get from your company?

Superior products(peculiar design,strict quality control); Factory direct sale(favorable and competitive price); Excellent services(delivery goods on time;one year warranty;post and after services); Professional business consultation.


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