Residual Chlorine Water Test Strips

Chlorine test strips The most widely used disinfectant for drinking water, chlorine is also important for sanitizing swimming pools, cooling towers, other industrial equipment, and in the treatment of municipal wastewater. Its measurement and control are vital for both safety and economic reasons. Chlorine exists in water as "free" chlorine (hypochlorite) or "combined" chlorine (chloramines). No measuring, set-up, clean-up, or chemical handling are necessary.
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residual chlorine water test strips

residual chlorine water test strips

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Chloride test strips

Residual chlorine test paper

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residual chlorine water test strips

Based on the information from WHO, the virus that causes COVID-19 survives 2 hours to 9 days in groundwater or contaminated drinking water. Wastewater treatment could be possible to cut the route of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, sewage contains residual chlorine from disinfection process should be monitored. A survey shows the virus has been inactivated and the safety of groundwater and drinking-water could be ensured when the range of residual chlorine from wastewater tested as 6.5-10mg/L.   

During the COVID-19 outbreak in China, as an expert in water testing area,Lohand supplies thousands of residual chlorine analyzers to the customers, especially for medical institutions.  

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Residual Chlorine Test Strip 0-10ppm


Residual Chlorine Analyzer 0-10ppm


Residual Chlorine Kit


Table 1. List of best sellers during COVID-19 outbreak in China

residual chlorine water test strips

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