COD Water Quality Detector Water Environment Treatment

- Jul 09, 2020-

COD water quality detector water environment treatment 

Cod water quality testing is the process of monitoring and measuring the types of pollutants in the water, the concentration and changing trends of various pollutants, and evaluating the water quality. It is mainly divided into two categories: one is a comprehensive index reflecting water quality, such as temperature, color, turbidity, pH, conductivity, suspended matter, dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand, and biological oxygen demand; the other is Some toxic substances, such as phenol, cyanide, arsenic, lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and organic pesticides. Through water quality testing, people can accurately, timely and comprehensively reflect the current status of water quality, providing a scientific basis for water quality management, pollution source control and water quality planning. "Now just a few mouse clicks, you can see the water quality testing data of the water supply project." In a water environment testing center, the staff talked about this matter with relish. As a weapon for water environment management, water quality testing instruments play a very important role in water environmental protection, but in the past, it was not so easy. Before entering the 21st century, my country's water quality monitoring and analysis equipment was basically imported from abroad. With the continuous development of industry, China continues to introduce and absorb new technologies.

COD water quality detector

  Domestic equipment such as samplers, conductivity meters, pH meters, dissolved oxygen analyzers, etc., can basically achieve self-sufficiency. At that time, the main instruments and equipment of the water quality laboratory were ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, pH meter, dissolved oxygen meter, etc. The only measurable indicators are ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total microorganisms and total bacteria, which usually takes several hours to complete the test. With the continuous development of the water quality testing industry, the number of domestic water quality testing equipment manufacturers has grown rapidly, some companies with independent research and development capabilities have grown, and the technology of water quality testing equipment has also undergone great changes. Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a paper chip for detecting heavy metal ions. This kind of heavy metal ion analysis paper chip made by the inkjet printing method can be visually analyzed according to the color change by simply putting it into the water sample to be measured. From a single water quality testing instrument to a variety of testing instruments in the past, from simple to integrated, from low detection efficiency to the current online detection and visual inspection results, the detection equipment has undergone tremendous changes, and the treatment of the water environment has become more relaxed , Portable and efficient. However, the development of water quality testing equipment will not stop there. With the rapid development of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, future testing instruments will have greater changes and breakthroughs in water environment management. For water quality testing equipment manufacturers, it is necessary to actively keep up with market trends, illuminate the construction of new scenarios of water treatment, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

COD water quality detector