Conductivity Meter Performance Characteristics

- Mar 19, 2018-

● Full Chinese display, friendly interface: All data, status, and operation prompts are displayed in Chinese. There is no manufacturer-defined symbol or code at all.

● Simple menu structure, text-based dialogue with people table: use more clear and convenient, follow the on-screen instructions to operate.

● Simultaneous display of multiple parameters: Simultaneous display of conductivity, output current, temperature, time and status.

● Automatic compensation of (super) pure water: For ultrapure water, automatic temperature compensation for conductivity at 25°C is achieved.

● Notepad function: Faithfully record the operating conditions of the instrument and the time of occurrence of the alarm, which is easy to manage.

● History curve and digital recorder function: The secondary meter automatically stores the measurement data every 5 minutes and can continuously store the conductivity for one month.

● Digital clock function: Displays the current time and provides a time reference for the digital recorder function.

● Backlight function: It can be used in dimly lit or completely unlit environments. According to temperature changes, the contrast is automatically adjusted to the sharpest.

● Anti-program flying dead: The watchdog program ensures that the meter will not crash, which is the basic requirement of the online instrument.

● Output current setting and inspection function: manual current source function, which can check and arbitrarily set the output current value, which is convenient for detecting the recorder and the lower position machine.

● The software sets the current output mode: The software selection is 0~10mA or 4~20mA output.

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