How Can We Reduce The Maintenance Cost Of The Swimming Pool?

- Aug 10, 2020-

1. The most important factor that affects the quality of swimming pool water is the pH value. The optimal value of the pool water pH value is 7.2-7.8.

water pH

2. In the outdoor swimming pool in summer, especially during the rainy season, pay attention to prevent algae from occurring, and add algaecide before the thunderstorm.

3. The precipitation after adding coagulant must be sucked up with a dirt suction device before sunrise the next day.

4. The daily inspection of pool water quality cannot be less, once every two hours after opening, it is best to use automatic inspection and control to maintain water quality balance.

5. Disinfectants must be continuously added to keep the residual chlorine in the water within the range to ensure that the water quality and hygiene standards are met.

6. When the summer is open to hot weather, when the temperature and water temperature are higher than 30℃, special attention should be paid to lowering the water temperature. Adding new water to cool down is one way.

7. For swimming pools that use deep well water containing iron and manganese as the water source, manganese and iron removal processes must be added, otherwise the color of the water will not be blue.

water pH

8. The blue of the pool water that day was not caused by adding copper sulfate or other pigments, but the low turbidity, high transparency and high oxygen content of the water formed naturally. This color is natural and eye-catching.

9. The circulating water treatment equipment is best to run continuously. In order to save energy, a small water pump can be added and run after the water quality reaches the standard.