How Much Ozone Concentration In Purified Water Can Achieve The Sterilization Effect ?

- Jul 20, 2020-

The solubility of ozone in water applications is between 0.1 mg/L and 10 mg/L. The low value is used as the minimum concentration required for water disinfection and purification, and the high value is used as the achievable concentration value of the "ozone water disinfectant".


★ Tap water is ozonized, the international standard is 0.4mg/L solubility value, keep for 4 minutes, that is, the CT value is 1.6.


★ The concentration of residual ozone in the water is maintained at 0.3~0.5mg/L, and it can be used for disinfection for 5~10min.

ozone concentration

★ Ozone water disinfection and sterilization is rapid, and the disinfection effect occurs in an instant. Once the ozone concentration in the clean water is reached, the bacteria will be killed within 0.5 to 1 minute. When the concentration reaches 4 mg/L, the hepatitis B virus inactivation rate is 100% within 1 minute.


★ Herbold reported: When the ozone concentration in water reaches 0.43mg/L at 20℃, E. coli can be killed 100%, and only 0.36mg/L at 10℃ can kill all.


★When the ozone concentration is 0.25~38mg/L, it only takes a few seconds or minutes to completely inactivate the hepatitis A virus (HAV)

ozone concentration

★When the ozone solubility in mineral water is 0.4~0.5mg/L, it can meet the sterilization and quality guarantee requirements. The reasonable ozone dosage is 1.5~2.0mg/L.


★The bottled water treatment should reach the ozone solubility value of 0.3~0.5mg/L, and the ozone should be added to meet the amount of 2gO3 produced in 1m3 of water. According to practical experience, when the concentration of ozone is higher than 8mg/L, it is easy to reach the concentration.


In order to better control the ozone content in the pure water plant, a 24-hour online ozone detector/monitor can be used for real-time monitoring, so as to meet the national health standards.

ozone concentration