Lohand Released The Portable Multiple In One Water Test Meter In April 2019

- Apr 04, 2019-


LOHAND (www.lohandbio.com) is excited to announce the release of the portable multiple in one detection meter for testing the residual chlorine,ammonia nitrogen,chromium VI,chlorine dioxide,ozone,phosphate.


1.No moving parts inside, high measurement accuracy.

2.Small amount of samples and reagents required, fast speed.

3.Professional optical circuit design,good optical stability.

4.Small size, light weight, protection grade IP65 or above.


Technical parameter

Absorbance measuring range

0-3.0 Abs

Stability of optical path


Absorbance resolution


IP Class

IP65 above

LED operating life

100000 hours

Optical filter life

5 years

Rated capacity


Operating repeatable


Packing list

LH-M900 detection host------1 set

10ml glass bottle----4 bottles     

Cleaning Brush---1 piece

Lens wiping cloth------2 pcs

screw driver-------1 piece

Round head screwdriver----4 pcs

sealing washer------1 piece

0.8M USB cable---1 piece

Manual---1 piece

No.7 battery ---------4pcs


The instrument is strictly produced in accordance with ISO9001 2015 quality management system.And has been passed the strict test before leaving the factory.



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