Method Of Using Electrical Conductivity Meter

- Jan 02, 2018-

Reciprocal conductance resistance, so the measured conductance values, is actually measured by the resistance value of the re conversion, that is to say the conductance measurement method and measuring method of resistance should be the same, but in the process of determination of the electrical conductivity of the solution, when the current through the electrode, the ions will discharge on the electrode polarization caused by error, so the measurement of conductivity to use when the frequency is high enough to facilitate the determination of general liquid and high pure water conductivity, the data can be read directly from the table, and the 0-10mV signal output, can be connected to automatic balanced recorder for continuous recording.

Method of using electrical conductivity meter

1, turn on the power switch, should observe whether hand refers to zero, if not to zero, adjustable head screw, the pointer refers to zero

2. Switch the correction and measurement switch to the "correction" position

3, turn on the power switch, then light, preheating for several minutes, until the pointer stability, adjustable tuning regulator, which at full scale

4, according to the approximate range of liquid conductivity with low or high week week, and Gao Zhou, the low cycle switch to the selected location

5, the range selection switch to measure the required range, such as the previously unknown solution was measured by the size of conductivity, by retaining the maximum file down to the appropriate range, to prevent hand bending

6, according to the principle of electrode selection, select electrodes and insert electrode sockets. All kinds of electrodes should adjust the matching electrode constants. For example, the matching electrode constant is 0.95 (electrode has been marked), then adjust the electrode constant regulator to the corresponding location 0.95.

7, pour water conductivity conductance cell, conductance cell and electrode with a small amount of liquid to wash 2-3 times, and then the electrode was immersed in liquid and temperature

8, the correction, measuring the switch to the "measurement", then the meter readings multiplied by the magnification range switch, is the actual conductivity to heat.

9. If you want to know the change of electrical conductivity in the process of measurement, the output of 10mV is connected to the automatic balance recorder.