New Function For LH-C1 COD Detection Meter

- Nov 23, 2018-

2018 new function for water quality COD(chemical oxygen demand )detection meter 


Mini intelligent COD detection meter ,is a new generation COD meter which is promoted by Lohand in 2017.It solves the problem that when people detect outside without electricity power. It is suitable for test chemical oxygen demand(COD) of surface water,underground water domestic sewage and industrial waste water .
It can also be customized to test ammonia nitrogen ,total phosphorus and residual chlorine and other ions’ detection curve.

In 2008,the product have been updated, the datasheet of test result can be storage in computer.Below is the brief introduction of COD detection meter.

measuring range
0-15000 mg/L
light source




test method
Rapid digestion spectrophotometry
battery life
more than 30 hours
working condition
0-50℃ , Rh:0-80%

Attention :

1.Any liquid or foreign substance entering the inspection chamber may damage the instrument.

2.If the concentration of water samples exceeds the range of the instrument, please dilute the water sample and measure again. The measured value multiplied by the dilution times is the concentration of water sample.

3.There should be no stains, scratches, dust or fingerprints on the surface of the test tube.

Battery requirements: Please use 1.5V AA alkaline batteries.