Pen TDS Meter Performance Characteristics

- Mar 22, 2018-

Five Performance Features of Pen TDS Meter:

1. One-touch automatic calibration:

With one-touch automatic calibration function, you only need to set the known TDS value in the instrument and immerse the electrode sensor in the calibration liquid. Press CAL key, the instrument will automatically calibrate and store the calibration value.

2.Automatic temperature compensation and measurement:

The instrument is equipped with a temperature sensor. By using the °C key, you can browse the temperature value of the current solution. When performing TDS measurement, the instrument has an automatic temperature compensation function.

3.Data lock:

With a simple measured value lock function, you can easily browse or record the displayed value. In the conductivity measurement mode, press HOLD key to automatically lock the current measurement value, press again, the instrument returns to measurement mode.

4.Automatic or manual shutdown:

In the design, in order to save energy effectively, we set up an automatic shutdown procedure for the instrument. When the instrument is turned on, it will enter the measurement state. If you do not press any key for a long time, the instrument will automatically turn off the power.

5.good waterproof performance:

With good waterproof performance, each structural connection point of the instrument is waterproofed, and even if placed in water, it will not affect the use. At the same time, the weight of the instrument is calculated by the levitation force and can be floated by immersing in water.

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