Portable Water Detector How To Choose

- Jan 30, 2018-

We all know that in the laboratory for water analysis must rely on water quality testing equipment, but in order to improve the accuracy of the test in addition to pay attention to operational issues, but also timely maintenance of the instrument on a regular basis. However, there are times when on-site testing is required because only the on-site water quality testing can maximize the accuracy of the data, and on-site water quality testing can more intuitively understand the data changes. The use of portable water quality tester can avoid changes in temperature and other factors lead to data differences. Such as the most common water ammonia ion and chloride ion detection. These two ions easily decrease with increasing storage time and temperature. For users in some industries, they do not have specialized laboratories and related professional equipment, and they need to quickly understand the changes in water quality, in which case it must be carried out on site water quality.

Portable water quality tester selection method

For those who need on-site water quality testing, how to choose the right portable water quality testing equipment? For this issue, we must first determine the need to test the water quality data which, for example, some conventional test items PH, conductivity, turbidity and oxygen content.

Portable water detector kit should include the following:


Portable colorimeter for measuring the concentration of dissolved substances in water samples.

Portable turbidimeters to determine the light transmittance (or turbidity) of water samples to calculate the undissolved material floating in water samples

The pH meter measures the pH of drinking water, surface / groundwater and wastewater to determine the basic water quality

Portable dissolved oxygen meter to determine the oxygen content of water quality, to determine the degree of pollution of water quality.

Portable conductivity meter provides a quick and easy way to determine the total amount of ions in solution

Second, because the outdoor portable water quality testing equipment can not only be selected when the function is limited, but also based on the testing environment to consider the convenience and durability of the instrument to ensure that the instrument has sufficient water and drop resistance.

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