Product Application Of Refractometer

- Feb 21, 2020-

Refractometer is a continuous measurement of the refractive index of the medium in the process of technology. The refractometer can measure the temperature of the medium, such as the refractive index, density or concentration after temperature compensation can be calculated with the output. There are some common application data in the host of refractometer according to the measured physical quantity.

The products are used in food industry, breeding industry, auto repair industry, food industry, breeding industry, auto repair industry, battery and other industries. It is also called salinometer, milk concentration meter, OE sugar meter, urine hydrometer, serum protein meter, antifreeze freezing point meter, honey concentration meter, mine emulsion concentration meter, cutting fluid concentration meter, alcohol concentration meter, soymilk concentration meter, etc. Chinese products originated from China Aerospace Design and Research Institute and Beijing Guofeng joint optical instrument factory.